👩🏻‍💼 5 energizing exercise routines for work

Our bodies are evolved for physical activity. Unfortunately, modern life has forced us to adopt an unnatural lifestyle of extreme inactivity.

When sitting for too long, the internal systems that keep us alive slow down to the point where we burn just 1 calorie per minute. Our body starts to meltdown. Our arteries contract, and oxygen and blood flow are thus reduced. This leads to a dramatic drop in brain and muscle function.

So we become fatigued from sitting too long. We don’t just feel tired to exercise, however. We feel tired to do other meaningful activities after work, like play with our children, engage in a hobby, or read a book. Since our body’s adrenaline systems are on sleep mode after sitting for so long, one lacks the oomph to do anything.

There’s no way around it, the cure is to get active where we sit the most: at work. The idea is to interrupt the cycle of over-sitting.

Here’s 5 short, 90-second exercise routines for work that target different parts of the body that suffer from prolonged sitting. Take an active break every 90 minutes for best results.

Arm exercises for work

The arms experience reduced blood flow after long sedentary periods. This exercise is designed to improve circulation to the arms, shoulders, and back and have a little fun while you do them. The end benefits being that you feel more alert and energized.

As many as you can, 30 seconds each:

  1. Ceiling punches
  2. Tricep extensions
  3. Elbow flaps

Leg exercises for work

After sitting for so long, it’s important to pump some blood and oxygen towards the legs. This routine doesn’t just benefit the legs, because your entire circulatory and respiratory system is activated, making you feel more alert. Just by standing up you’re breaking the sedentary cycle.

As many as you can, 30 seconds each:

  1. Chair squat
  2. Calf raises
  3. Lateral desk hops

Neck exercises for work

Neck pain is frequently associated with stress in the workplace. We tense the neck when we feel anxious, and over long periods it becomes sore. The neck also affects the trapezius back muscles often causing back pain as well.

As many as you can, 30 seconds each:

  1. Take cover
  2. Lateral head tilts
  3. Head rotations

Core exercises for work

Sitting down for too long makes us take unnatural postures. We start to slouch, slide down the chair or lean back — our core muscles are too relaxed to actively support our torso. Activating our core muscles during the day is essential to maintain an active posture.

As many as you can, 30 seconds each:

  1. Sitting knee raises
  2. Sitting wide rotations
  3. Sitting swimmer kicks

Hand exercises for work

Hand and finger illnesses, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, are on the rise and computers and smartphones are likely to blame. Too much clicking, typing, and tapping might swell the nerves in the wrist, causing pain and numbness. Taking a break to stretch and move our wrists around might help keep these illnesses at bay.

As many as you can, 30 seconds each:

  1. Backward finger stretch
  2. Loosen up
  3. Wrist compress

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