✈️ 10 Exercises for long flights

My wife and I took a 14-hour flight to Japan for our honeymoon last year. Both of us are very active people, so we planned an exercise regimen for the flight. Every couple of hours, we would stand up, walk around, do a few squats, lunges and stretches. Not only did it make the flight more bearable, we felt great when we finally landed, ready to explore crazy Tokyo.  

Sitting for too long is terrible for your health. Research suggests that sitting for too long weakens your brain’s performance, increased risk for cancer and diabetes, and is linked to an overall increased risk of early death.  

Sitting on a crowded airplane for hours is even worse. Your posture is all wrong, your neck stiffens and your arms and legs go completely useless. It’s important you get off your butt every once in a while before you become just like that goop that they serve as a so-called “in-flight” meal.

Here are 10 exercises that will make those long flights more bearable

1. Head turns

2. Wrist Greasers

3. Elbow raises

4. Torso turns

5. Shoulder rolls

6. Quick punches

7. Knee raises

8. Hamstring pulls

9. Cross-armed raises

10. BONUS: The Cha Cha Cha

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