🧠 Exercise makes you smarter

If you don’t exercise for the “gains” or the looks, perhaps I can persuade you to get active for another reason entirely—exercise for the smarts!

Chiseled, washboard abs you could slice pastrami on isn’t for everyone. Quite frankly, most of us don’t care that much for them. But smarts is something I think we can all agree, more is better.

It’s been proven in several studies that being physically active lets your brain perform better in a variety of tasks. And not just a little better. We’re talking huge leaps in performance. Be it memory, problem-solving or complex ideation, regular exercise is the best brain booster there is.

But how, you ask? Simply put, when you’re active, your body releases a ton of hormones and chemicals that act like gas to a car. This causes an intense spike in brain activity, giving you more firepower to tackle complex problems.

Of course, “smarter” is hyperbole.

Exercise won’t turn you into an astrophysicist (not overnight, at least). What it does mean is that you gain enhanced mental clarity. Solutions come to you faster. Ideas are more easily accessible. You retain more of the stuff you experience. In a way, your brain just becomes more efficient at what it already does. This has been my experience for sure if that serves as proof enough for ya!

The opposite is true, as well—being sedentary makes you dumb. After a while of oozing your life away on the couch, your brain gets foggy—less oxygen is reaching it. Your neurons respond slower to stimuli (this includes thoughts), and so you experience a drop in brainpower.

Our brains command the entire operation. Your life experience is dictated in large part by your brain’s ability to process information. Staying active is a great way to keep your central processing organ in top shape, so you have the tools to better navigate and understand the chaos that is life.

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Netflix over the weekend and need a quick exercise you can do on the couch, Wakeout has you covered.

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