🧘‍♀️ 7 yoga exercises that destroy stress at work

Must be hard, carrying around that gorilla of a to-do list on your shoulders. For every task you cross off, three more appear in its place. Some days, you just feel like Sisyphus, pushing a boulder up a mountain only to have to push it up again once it’s tumbled to the bottom.

I’m being overly dramatic, of course, but you get the idea. We’ve all felt overwhelmed, or helpless or frustrated with work. Work, as you might already know, is the number one cause for stress. Since stress at work is like gravity—inescapable—might as well go to work prepared!

When it comes to stress, few things are as effective at melting it away than Yoga.

The reason is simple, Yoga combines deep breathing with muscle tension and balance. These things put together force a kind of intense focus on the moment that you rarely get during your workday. Your usual multi-tasking mind enters a state of laser-like attention, letting your brain rest and stress dissipate.

Deep, controlled breathing is also proven to dilute stress. Even a few cycles of deliberate slow breathing has been shown to have a lasting calming effect. Deep breathing eases your heart rate (which can spike while stressed), muscle tension and blood pressure—the usual symptoms of a stress response.

The 7 Yoga exercises that will reduce stress quickly

I’ve put together a shortlist of the 7 best yoga stretches and movements that squeeze out all the stress from my body. It works for me, and for many others, so I’m hoping it will work for you. Also, a pro tip: don’t wait until you’re going nuclear with stress. Make stress management a daily practice. Remember—It’s easier to control a small campfire than to extinguish a forest fire.

☝️ Breathe in a lung-full of air, then control your exhale on the release:









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