🚶‍♂️ The best standing desk converter I’ve ever used

This is the VIVO economy stand up desk converter. It’s about 30 inches wide, made of a textured plastic that feels like heaven to the touch. My Magic Mouse glides on it like butter. It’s got a thoughtful ramp on the frontal edge that serves as a comfortable chill spot for my forearms while I write up this post. I love it. It’s the best standup desk I’ve owned.

I’ve tested many stand up desks. I once purchased one with motorized legs which I could raise via a little controller on the side, like the fancy nerd that I am. I’ve used a compact standing desk converter that’s just big enough to hold a laptop. It had crab-like legs on the sides that could be adjusted, albeit with a little elbow grease.

The reason I love the VEVO standing desk converter is it’s size, weight, and feel. It’s big enough to hold two monitors, but still compact so I can put it away in the closet when I’m done working. It’s very sturdy (its legs are an engineering miracle) so you can prop it up or down with ease. It also comes with rubber stoppers on the bottom to keep it from slipping. The entire thing is solid, near-impossible to tip over accidentally.

Standing desk converter vs a full-sized standing desk

Jarvis Bamboo Adjustable Standing Desk in Black

I prefer a standing desk converter to a full-sized standing desk because of the versatility. I take it with me on trips. I can remove it if needed. If it becomes damaged, it’s easier to replace it rather than having to replace an entire desktop.

Being able to take it with me is a huge feature for me. I’m a proponent of working standing up. Wherever I travel with my wife (and future daughter), I dread having to sit for hours to get some work done. Being able to turn basically any surface into a standing desk is empowering.

Why work standing up

The topic on Standing desks merit an entire post (or series of posts) by itself. They’ve been a life changer for me. Working standing up was even the inspiration behind Wakeout.

For now, I’ll save you some reading time to share with you the most important benefit of working standing up. Energy.

When I work standing up, I feel positively awake, clear-minded and alert. I rarely become drowsy when standing all day. Because of this, I have an evidently higher output than when I work in a sitting position.

Try it yourself

I suggest you try a standing desk converter if you’re just getting into the standing work life. I recommend the VIVO standing desk, but there are many others that get the job done.

  • VIVO Standing Desk – $99 – Amazon
  • Portable Standing Desk – $34.99 – Amazon
  • INNOVADESK 36″ Standing Desk – $139.97 – Amazon

*I’m not related to VIVO in any way, by the way, nor is this an affiliate link. I just promote products that I believe will give you a healthier workday.